Our Beginnings


Barry’s Jewellers is a boutique-concept local jeweller that has served the Burlington Community for the past 30 years. Barry – our founder and owner, developed an interest in the intriguing world of diamonds, gems, and precious metals. As a young man fresh out of McMaster University, he started to build a business out of his passion. Today Barry’s enjoys relationships with thousands of clients who have chosen to entrust us with their important and meaningful milestones. And we continue to delight our clients every day by offering the best personal shopping experience.

Starting as a one-man show 30 years ago, Barry’s now enjoys wide recognition and a great reputation in the community as a home-grown success story. And we are proud that the enterprise now consists of a team of 40 talented brand ambassadors handling various aspects of the operation. Our aim is to continually be at the forefront of what it means to give the best shopping experience as a jeweller of choice and to exceed all our clients’ expectations.

Our Commitment


Barry believes his clients deserve the very best, and that our relationship with our clients only begins at an initial interaction in order to continue for a life-time. That is why Barry’s offers a life-time trade-up policy, a very rich loyalty program to thank our clients for continuing to choose us as their jeweller, as well as jewellery financing to ensure that everyone can afford their dream piece of jewellery.

It is our mission to do everything we can to help our client select the jewellery that they believe reflects who they are, mirrors the significance of their love, or symbolizes the importance of their special milestone. And to continue our commitment toward great experience in an ongoing way, we also feature our own in-house jewellery craftsmen and gemologists to support our clients in all aspects of their jewellery needs.

We are proud that our efforts are consistently recognized year after year by being awarded Top Choice and Reader’s Choice awards in our region; and that these relationships are also commemorated by our clients through great reviews posted on social media.

Our Passion


Barry’s prides itself in housing beautifully designed jewellery by world-renowned designers, its own Barry’s Brand collection, as well as customized and vintage pieces. Barry’s philosophy is to share the beauty of well-designed jewellery with everyone in our community. So he insists on being a business that offers the luxury and richness of owning a piece of jewellery in an accessible and affordable way. He is passionate about ensuring that everyone can share in that very ancient human experience: the tradition of owning, gifting, or wearing jewellery to symbolize life stories.

It is this search for affordable and accessible luxury that takes him and his team across the globe to bring to our local showrooms a wide array of jewellery designs and price points to choose from. Starting from one side of our wide price spectrum, we offer beautiful pieces well below $100, all the way to pieces that are substantial investments by our discerning clients.

In each instance regardless of price our mission is to help our clients commemorate their personally significant moments. Our showrooms have something on offer for everyone. And to ensure that our clients can choose from the very best, our selection mirrors that of the best shopping districts in the world like Beverly Hills or Manhattan; all within our local showroo, in Burlington, close to where our clients’ lives are unfolding every day.

We are especially passionate to help celebrate the important milestone when two people commit to loving each other for life in a meaningful way. Therefore we offer the widest selection of engagement and wedding bands in the area. And once the couple start their shared life together by selecting us as their jeweller of choice, we want to grow that relationship. As we would continue being involved in marking their life events with jewellery, we would be able to celebrate with them throughout their lives: Anniversaries, the birth of a child, graduation, career climbs and transitions, retirement and many more. This is what makes us all excited to come to work every day at Barry’s: To personally share in the stories that are unfolding in our clients’ lives; Each utterly unique in their personal viewpoints and values and their journey through life events. We love it when we get a chance to truly get to know our clients in a meaningful way as people with unique lives.

Our Community Responsibility


Barry has always been a strong advocate for practicing corporate social responsibility through giving back and supporting various charitable organizations, big and small, over the years. During the last 3 years Barry’s has supported various non-profit organizations in their efforts to raise funds for their specific causes by donating jewellery - valued at an impressive $250,000 and counting!

Overall, Barry’s focuses its community efforts around giving the Gift of Health. We believe that this is very much tied with what we do every day. Since beautiful jewellery is shared during many milestones throughout one’s lifespan, and these pieces often become family heirlooms passed on through generations representing deep family history, what better way for us to give back than to support the preservation and improvement of the quality of health in our community. So that everyone can enjoy many more milestones to come with their loved ones in good health.

And that is why upon our 30th anniversary we are now embarking on yet another journey by making an even stronger commitment to share our success by an ongoing profit-sharing plan of 3% with the prominent Hamilton Health Sciences Foundation which aims to transform healthcare across a wide array of hospital and healthcare programs in our local community.

And in the extension of the same theme Barry’s is now the official sponsor of the well-loved Hamilton Tiger Cats Football team, promoting physical activity, sportsmanship, and the pride that comes from a sense of community. We love to join in with our community in cheering our team towards success.

Our Planet


In 2002, the UN adopted a system to end the practice of diamond trading for dubious means. The Kimberley Process Certification Scheme outlines the regulations and requirements countries must follow to make sure a diamond is mined and shipped in a humane, legitimate way. Barry’s only deals with reputable suppliers that go even beyond this process in order to ensure that they have used conflict free AND environmentally sound mining.

It is important to note that Canada has a solid reputation for diamonds that are mined in an environmentally conscious and conflict-free way, and Barry’s is indeed proud of being a Canadian company that also carries Canadiandiamonds. However, we shouldn't consider stones from Canada the onlydiamonds that are conflict-free. Other producers around the world also practice conflict free and environmentally sound mining.

All of our diamonds and gems have been conscientiously sourced with these principles on top of mind.

Our Hope


Barry’s looks forward to personally impacting the lives of members in our community, one person at a time, and we welcome everyone to pay us a visit and experience what Barry’s own vision has been for 30 years… to make it personal!

Our Ethical Sources Practices


Barry’s supports and maintains a zero-tolerance policy pertaining to conflict diamonds. We, along with the global diamond and jewellery industry take great measures to deal with partners who support the Kimberly Process. The Kimberly Process tracks diamonds from mine to finished product, ensuring you as the consumer receive goods free from illegal trade. We particularly support Canadian diamonds. Canada now ranks fourth in the world in diamond volume produced. Tracked directly from their extraction from the mine, these diamonds are true Canadian treasures straight from our Great White North. We value traceability and all of our loose diamonds are independently certified and graded by respected and reputable gem labs, to ensure our consumer receives unbiased, professional certification.