Our Commitment to Environmental & Social Responsibility


Barry’s considers it as their moral responsibility to be environmentally conscious and we take great pride in doing what we can to reduce our ecological footprint. Through interior recycling programs, energy efficient lighting, and the use of recycled/reclaimed materials, Barry’s considers environmental factors in all of their business making decisions. We also strongly promote recycling your gold and other precious metals into refined new jewellery pieces rather than mining new gold, which is one of the most environmentally impactful industries in the world.

Our Recycling Program


We care about the environment and play our part by recycling materials for our repairs and custom jobs. Every scrap piece of metal in our workshop is melted down and re-used by our in-house goldsmiths. We also sell jewellery made from recycled materials. Besides recycling materials for jewellery, Barry’s also has a wide selection of pre-owned estate jewellery to turn old and unused items into newfound treasures for another.

Protecting The Environment


At Barry’s Jewellers we believe you get back what you put into things and that is why we strongly support protecting the environment. We play our part by recycling used materials, conserving energy, refilling water stations and using less print materials. We also use recycled materials for our packaging.

Canadian Made Product


The Barry’s brand is made right here in Canada! We also offer Maple Leaf Canadian Diamonds. Each diamond comes with a unique tracking number that verifies its origins. Supporting the Canadian economy is one of Barry’s core values. We also carry Canadian brands such as Noam Carver and CrownRing. All of our Barry’s packaging is manufactured in Canada. #SupportLocal is a movement we strongly believe in!